30 Aug

At Sofia Maffioli Secrets Permanent Makeup Studio in Las Vegas, we specialize in natural, long-lasting results for eyeliner, tinted lips, powder eyebrows and tattoo removal. Our artists utilize the most trusted anesthetics so that your experience yields a virtually painless and beautiful outcome. We understand that old techniques produced bold and dark results that were potentially undesirable for the client. The techniques and methods have evolved dramatically so that the process is much softer and less traumatic to the skin. Our results-oriented artist have been highly trained in the PMU industry and have perfected their craft to accommodate all of our clients’ needs and varying facial features. We’ve heard and seen all the horror stories from older techniques that resulted in blue and red eyebrows or purple lips. We guarantee that our services will heal and look good for everyday wear. We use reputable, trustworthy pigments for long-lasting results that will fade naturally. Here is the process of our services: You will consult with the artist to discuss your desired look. The artist will measure and outline the area using our unique mapping technique. We will do the color match to mix your perfect shade. We will then numb you and perform the service in a sanitary and safe procedure room. After your procedure, we will explain in detail the aftercare instructions and provide an aftercare kit. We use the highest quality tools and products for our clients. Our studio was featured in Lifestyle magazine as “Best Permanent Makeup Studio in Las Vegas.”