Welcome to Lip Blushing Training! Our service offers comprehensive training in the art of lip blushing, providing aspiring artists with the skills needed to create stunning semi-permanent lip color enhancements.

  • Duration: 08:00 Hours
  • Address: Las Vegas (Map)




All Training Courses are non-refundable and Final Sale

Our Extensive Fundamental Training Courses Will Help You Start Your Career As A Permanent Makeup Artist. Find Out Why So Many Permanent Makeup Artists Chose Us To Train Them. Total Hours: 8 ***Course Is Only Accessible For 6 months After Purchase*** Adding to your menu of services is essential for your career and business advancement as well as your educational growth. Powder brows is a technique that is far easier on the skin than micro-blading and is less discriminating in terms of skin tone and type. This technique can also service women (and men) of all ages and most skin conditions. This means that you can service more clients with this technique and have a better chance of more ideal retention results. This online course will feature: Kit including material needed the day of training, shipping method is Fedex or UPS in the USA - International shipping may take several weeks pending on your location. Theoretical overview, brow mapping and shaping according to Glam mean of proportions, gradient and shading practice, latex practice, full procedure demo including tray set-up and recommended products, aftercare protocol, and much more! You will learn how to select proper pigments, depth and pressure, and everything else you will need to perform the procedure and attain amazing results and retention. Once you have completed purchasing your desired course, your tuition payment will be verified and processed. The day prior to training you will then receive an email with the link to join life training, take note we are Las Vegas NV time zone, plan accordingly base on you location. Once completed you will need to submit a picture of your final practice to receive a certificate of completion via email. (allow 24 hrs processing)